Learn Ballet: How to do a développé!

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Développé  is short for the term battement développé.

The movement involves lifting the leg to a retiré position, then fully extending it through an attitudeposition until the leg is straight. The movement can be done to the front, side, or back.

A retiré position requires the dancers to bend their knee at a sharp angle so that only the tips of the toes are touching the supporting leg. The working leg, the one raised in the retiré position, should be kept out to the side, parallel to the body.

         Retiré position


Once you’ve reached the retiré position, extend the leg so that it is straightened all the way. Keep those toes pointed!

           Extending into développé


Tips for a beautiful développé:

– Keep the hip dropped: do not raise your hip. If you were looking into a mirror, you would want there to be a straight line across your hips parallel to the floor.

– Turn your leg out! When the leg is extended, watch where your knee is facing:

  1. Front: knee should be facing out away from body
  2. Side: knee should be facing up to the ceiling
  3. Back: knee should be facing out away from body

– Don’t forget about the upper body! Lift your chin and chest.

Keep working on that leg extension and soon you’ll be able to perform beautiful, strong développés all day long!

Happy dancing!


Miss Tess


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