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Advanced I-III

11 Years and older
These advanced classes will begin with a fast-paced Broadway Jazz style dance class. Developing performance quality and showmanship, students will learn to finesse their dancing with the panache of a Broadway professional like a true Bob Fosse or Jerome Robbins! They will also learn how to break down a song, scene, or monologue, to get to the true meaning of the piece and bring it to life. Students will discover their own strength and unique voice through proper singing technique.
Quick Details
Age: Students must be 11 years by September 1, 2016

Girls Attire:
Red Tank Top, Black Jazz Pants and Tan Jazz Shoes

Boys Attire:
White Shirt, Black Jazz Pants and  Tan or Black Jazz Shoes
Please Note:
A class placement evaluation for all students taking a new class type or new students to our school.
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