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We believe in high standards of a varied and graded curriculum for each individual child. Our comprehensive curriculum allows each child to develop their own unique gifts. Along with the technical leveling of each class, the training emphasis is placed on the natural flow of movement, musicality and the joy of dance. Our students receive dedicated attention in small classes with a curriculum that builds through steps designed to nurture the spirit of each individual child.

We believe that the energy and talent of our teachers is unsurpassed. Our teachers are not only extremely well-trained dancers and performing artists, they are also kind and welcoming educators with years of experience.  Our teachers are trained to be conscious of each and every movement, and they create an experience of beauty and magic. Our teachers are gracious and lovely, and through the extraordinary curriculum, they naturally awaken the child’s imagination and inspire their creativity. Each teacher has committed his/herself to the children’s artistic growth.

We believe in the creativity of the child.  Children are full of fantasy and imagination and they are always in the process of changing. If formal classical ballet is begun too early, the imagination does not develop fully, and, when the time comes for formal ballet it can become less interesting. Ballet Petite begins with preparatory movement that works towards ballet.  Our curriculum moves in sync with each child’s physical and creative development.

We believe in classicism in music, dance, literature and costume arts.  Children are born into the world with a desire to dance and a musical capacity. Our younger students experience this classicism through dance sequences, classical music, classic literature, singing, and poetry. Our Pre-Primary class curriculum was written in conjunction with the renowned teaching of the Royal Academy of Dance.  Ballet Petite puts together fundamental training and the classics in dance, music and language within the reach of all young students.

We believe in the nourishment of language arts skills and cognitive development.  Fairy tales are especially nourishing to the developing consciousness of the young child. Listening to a story and then reenacting it in dance engraves the story in the child’s memory. Their whole-hearted participation is so fulfilling that most children can tell the story the following day after only one hearing. Two, three and four year olds are soon participating in lengthy series of dances and verses in the progression of their classes. Such dexterity of movement is related to the development of mental dexterity.

We believe in the quality of the child’s environment.  The Ballet Petite setting is integral to its goals for the children. The hand paintings and pastel colors transmit a warm glow in the studio.  The effect of the beautiful arrangement of costumes and props is a feeling of entering a “children’s fairytale garden”; a place of enchantment and beauty where the child can create to impulses of the music and their hearts.

We believe in artistic, handcrafted costumes, props and sets.  Our beautiful costumes have been delicately cared for and lovingly attended to. We understand that young children internalize everything from their surroundings and this artistry becomes a part of who they are about to become.  Our costume arts speak to the soul of the child. The costumes teach the children to care, to appreciate beauty and to be grateful.  They have all been created as exclusive “one-of-a-kind” treasures just for Ballet Petite. 


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