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Encore Tap

7 Years and Older
In this class, children will work on getting out of that comfort zone of following the teacher and work on improvisational skills that will push the limits of their ability to bring them to the next level of tap. Teachers will guide the students in leaning how to connect the steps learned in previous sessions to make a fluid and cohesive tap combination while purifying their tap sound. This exciting and high-energy class will get the students moving from the minute they walk in the door.
Quick Details
Age: Students must be 7 years by September 1, 2016

Girls Attire: Cerisse Halter Tanktop, Black Jazz Pants & Tap shoes

Boys Attire:
White Shirt, Black Jazz Pants and Tap Shoes
Please Note:
A class placement evaluation for all students taking a new class type or new students to our school.
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