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Our Very Special Teachers

The same foundational ingredient that makes Ballet Petite and Youth Performing Arts School unique exists within our teachers.  Our teachers are chosen very carefully and must embody these eight beliefs for every class, every student, every day.

  • We believe in high standards of a varied and graded curriculum for each individual child.
  • We believe that the energy and talent of our teachers is unsurpassed.
  • We believe in the creativity of the child.
  • We believe in classicism in music, dance, literature and costume arts.
  • We believe in the nourishment of language arts skills and cognitive development.
  • We believe in the quality of the child’s environment. 
  • We believe in artistic, handcrafted costumes, props and sets.

These seven beliefs carried by our instructors are not only what gives your child a superb dance instruction, but makes their class a memorable experience that instills a love of dance, sparks their imagination, and enhances creativity.  

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